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Scientific Journal «Mechanics & Technologies»

Issue schedule: quarterly (4 times a year)

Languages: Kazakh, Russian, English

ISSN: 2308-9865

The certificate of registration: No.13521-Ж (2013/04/15)

The certificate of re-registration: No. KZ93VPY00027164 (2013/09/23)

Subscription index74714 ("Kazpost" JSC - "Postal service")

Thematic areas. The journal "Mechanics аnd Technologies" accepted for publication articles to the following areas:

- Solid аnd friable body, soils, liquids аnd gaseous mechanics;

- Technologies in food production;

- Technologies of textile production;

- Light industrial technologies;

- Transport technologies;

- Technologies of building materials аnd construction industry;

- Geotechnical technologies;

- Mechanical Engineering;

- Chemical Technologies;

- Environmental Technologies;

- Reclamation аnd irrigation technologies;

- Information аnd communication technologies.

Publication start time: The journal is published since 1994. The first title of the journal is Scientific-theoretical journal "Mechanics аnd modeling of technology processes". It was published 2 times a year. Registration number: No.1193 (1993/11/23), No.560- Ж (1999/02/04), No.4244- Ж (2003/10/08).

Since 2013, the journal renamed as the scientific journal "Mechanics аnd technologies".

The journal published in accordance with the "Regulations on scientific periodicals" (approved by the order of the rector of the NJSC "M.Kh. Dulaty Taraz Regional University" No. 152 of 11/19/2020).

Abstracting in databases. The journal "Mechanics аnd technologies" abstracting in Information Service for Physics, Electronics аnd Computing (INSPEC DIRECT) Institute of Engineering аnd Technology of the United Kingdom, registered in the Russian national bibliographic database Science Citation RISC, included in the Kazakhstani citation base (KBC).


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